You make me feel that….

You’ll be…

…everything you want,

so let me get up there

ONE Store and TWO kinds of tank tops! Yep, BOOM has done it again. First tank the Everyday tank  top comes with two versions a sheer and opaque and has all layers for those of us who like to layer our clothes. And better yet you have 29 colours to choose from ^.^!!!

Now I took the picture in the water because you know this is officially my FIRST SUMMER POST!!! But like the tank top says in its name you can use it everyday in anyway.

The picture below shows the Element tank at the top in PINK!

The element tank top can be worn as shown in the picture above with the everyday tank top or without. again it is perfect for layering and it comes in all upper body layers with 29 colours to choose from.

Hair: Estelle and Roxana – Truth

Bikini- Esha Silver Bikini – Zaara


P.S. Have you ever noticed while blogging that doesn’t like the word colour but instead color?… I mean geez there are two ways to spell the word…

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Bubblegum Weekends Challenge

“This is a challenge that encourages SL residents to start wearing unnatural hair colors” – Bubblegum weekend challenge

I am in love with this new challenge. It’s the perfect excuse for me to wear colored hair whenever i want to. Not that I used an excuse before when I bought the tons of colored hair packs from different stores. I have always had the most fun taking pictures with crazy colored hair…. and now I can blog about it all the time.

Hair:Ann(rainbow shades) – Dernier Cri

Lips:Messy Popsicle Lipstain (raspberry) – Ag @ Kozmetika

Tattoo: Make believe – Porcupine Love

Bangles: Leather bands (pink and blue) – Ha!

Top:Thrill Halter (lipstick) – BOOM

Shorts: Feel free(Chic birthday Edition) – BOOM @ Chic B-day Venue



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Rockin’ The Redhead!

Its been awhile since I have blogged and I thought that on my first blog back I’d show off my new Second Life look! It’s time for a change and I’m going….



Hair: Fiona (reds) – Truth

Skin: Elle Dark Mocha – Belleza

Eyes: Moist eye (clear) – ::UH::

Jewelry: Wanderer set – League

Tattoo: Love Insanity tattoo – V tattoo store

Shirt: Last Thread Tank (white) – Kyoot

Shorts: Kami shorts – Apple May Designs

Shoes: Troupe Shoes (bright) – MIEL

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Ahoy Matey!

This post is a little behind but it’s here now and will be my last post for the next two weeks.

Aranel has designed for us girls our very own sailor outfits complete with sailor hat, skinny belt and deck shoes! It’s about time we women took control of the ship no?

The dress, shoes and belt all come in  15 different colours for you to choose from. The Dress can be found on all clothing layers, the belt has two attachment points and the shoes have a script to adjust the size as necessary.

Other items:

Hair: Kelsey (black&white) – Truth

Necklace: Crystal long (colour change) – Lagyo


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Pride of Boom

Guess who’s back?! Not much to say its just been a rough two months with out a computer but I’m back and I’ve been shopping!


Hair: Janelle (black&white)- Truth

Skin: Ella (Dark Mocha 14) – Belleza

Necklace: Diamond Rock Chain – *ICED*

Earrings: Pride (naturals brown) – BOOM

Top:Patty knit tank (silk)-Mimikri

Skirt:Patty knit skirt(silk)-Mimikri

Shoes: Curvaceous Boots (black) – [GOS]

The new Boom Pride earrings have 6 different options included in each set and 8 different colour options.

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I Promise….. Super Bowl

The “I Promise” is the new lingerie collection at BOOM and it even comes in a super bowl edition… every man’s dream come true.

It comes in a total of 81 colour combinations.  Each set comes with two different bra styles, one with lace trim and a peep version as well as a set of frill trimmed panties.

Hair: Bea (blacks) – Truth

Skin: Elle Dark Mocha (14) – Belleza

Eyes: Moist Eyes (clear) – ::UH::

Lingerie: I promise (turquoise/lime) – BOOM

Again many colour combinations and the two on the left are the super bowl exclusives.

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Whatcha Think About This…..?

Jade, Madison and Victoria are the new goodies  in store at Paper.doll! It’s time to shop again 😀

So whatcha think about that,
Whatcha think about it,
So whatcha think about that, that, that (oh baby)…

JADE (cherry)/ Madison (Sapphire):


Hair: Bea (blacks) – Truth

Necklace: Mustache pearls – Ha!

Bracelet: Leather spiked cuffs (black)- Ha!

Shirt: Jade (cherry) – Paper.doll

Leggings: Slinky leggings(black) – MALT

Boots: Secret boots (black)- [e]


Hair: Adele(blacks) – Truth

Dress: Madison (Sapphire) – Paper.doll

Victoria (lime):

Necklace: Crystal long necklace (colour change)- LaGyo

Bracelet: Boho Bangles (charcoal) – Sigma Jewels

Shirt: Victoria (Lime) – Paper.doll

Pants: Low Rise ripped shorts(blue) – Bristini

shoes: Zupra – Akeyo

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