You make me feel that….

30 Jun

You’ll be…

…everything you want,

so let me get up there

ONE Store and TWO kinds of tank tops! Yep, BOOM has done it again. First tank the Everyday tank  top comes with two versions a sheer and opaque and has all layers for those of us who like to layer our clothes. And better yet you have 29 colours to choose from ^.^!!!

Now I took the picture in the water because you know this is officially my FIRST SUMMER POST!!! But like the tank top says in its name you can use it everyday in anyway.

The picture below shows the Element tank at the top in PINK!

The element tank top can be worn as shown in the picture above with the everyday tank top or without. again it is perfect for layering and it comes in all upper body layers with 29 colours to choose from.

Hair: Estelle and Roxana – Truth

Bikini- Esha Silver Bikini – Zaara


P.S. Have you ever noticed while blogging that doesn’t like the word colour but instead color?… I mean geez there are two ways to spell the word…

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